Buying a home can be an overwhelming process. From financing to negotiating to closing, there are a lot of moving pieces that can leave homebuyers bewildered.

A real estate agent can help guide you through each step of the buying process, offering sound advice along the way. By working with a professional agent who knows the ins and outs of the real estate industry, you will not only end up with a great home, but you will also walk away with a great experience.



Services We Provide, Free to Buyers:


Getting Prepared

We will work with you to gather a complete assessment of your needs, wants, and dislikes so we can find the perfect homes for you, and weed out homes that won’t work to save you time.

Getting pre-qualified is essential to a smooth transaction. We partner with great local lenders to ensure you are getting the best loan programs, and the best possible value. By providing some basic information about your income, savings, and debt, they will get you pre-approved, and go over your financing options, what monthly payment amount you can expect, and what you can expect for down payment requirements and closing costs. They will also ensure your credit history is mistake free so there are no surprises along the way.


Choosing a home

For most buyers, choosing a home is an emotional process. We will assist you in this process by offering objective information about each property you look at. From local community information like schools and HOA/CDD info to home-specific details like condition and amenities, we will help you find exactly what you are looking for.


Making an offer

Once you have found the home of your dreams, we will research recent comparable sales of similar homes in the area to help determine the right offer price and strategy. We will then help you structure an offer and negotiate to get the very best deal possible, while ensuring a successful offer.



We use modern technology to work together to make the process efficient, from collaborative search tools, to electronic document signing. Who knew real estate could be this easy?



What happens when your offer is accepted?


Once you are under contract it is time for your team of professionals to go to work. We manage all aspects of your transaction so you can focus on life, and preparing for your move.



Escrow deposits are generally required to secure your offer, and are negotiated during the offer. Typically, escrow deposits must be delivered with three days of signing the purchase contract. We ensure proper delivery and documentation of the escrow deposit per the contract terms.



Typically, purchase offers are contingent on a home inspection of the property to check for signs of structural damage or things that may need fixing. This is normally the first 10-15 days of the contract period. We will arrange and attend these inspections within a few days of your offer being accepted by the seller, and will negotiate repairs on your behalf as needed.



Lenders will arrange for an appraiser to provide an independent estimate of the value of the house you are buying. This normally occurs between weeks 2-4 of the contract period, and must adhere to the terms of the contract. We will ensure that you are protected from overpaying if the appraisal comes back lower that the contract price, and negotiate on your behalf if any issues arise.



Throughout the contract period, you will work closely with your lender to achieve you loan commitment. Depending on your lender and loan type, it usually takes 3-5 weeks. We work with your lender to ensure adherence to contract timelines, as well as endure they are receiving what they need for underwriting and compliance.



We work with and coordinate all parties involved in your transaction (lenders, title, inspectors, appraisers, agents, etc.) to ensure that all details are handled timely and accurately, and that any issues are avoided or resolved efficiently so you get to the closing table on time and stress free. We will schedule your closing with the title company and sellers, coordinate a final walkthrough of the home, and ensure you receive all home keys at closing. Bottom Line, we will help ensure that everything goes smoothly!


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